ICT Fixture Fabrication Facilities & Process

We are specilized in all kind of ICT test fixture and functional fixture.

Our facilities and capabilities of fabircating test fixture is shown in the following sequence:

1) Gerber File Processing

Our engineers are capable of processing Gerber file to select the best x-y location for each job given by customers. This is to enhance testing stability with accurate test point position and pin type selection.

2) Digitizer

For those customers who could not provide us a Gerber file, we can select pin point location by digitizer. We have 1 unit of digitizer with NC drilling capability.

3) CNC Drilling

After all pin point locations being selected with x-y data format, this data will be sent to CNC drilling machine for drilling process.

This machine equipped with auto tool change capability, which enable drilling various kind of hole diameters till job being completed.

4) Mechanical Job

After drilling, mechanical job such as milling, filing are needed to avoid damaging components during testing.

5) Pin Insert And Wiring

Upon completing milling job, our operators will assemble this fixture by inserting socket & pin, then wiring according to pin number assigned.

6) Programme File

Meanwhile, our specialist is designing the test programme file, which prepare for final debugging.

7) Debugging

After completion of the fixture and test programme file, our engineer will be doing test programme debugging in house, before sending to customer for production run.

Our engineers are well trained in Okano, Tescon, Mercury, TRI, Hioki, Takaya, Jet-100 and other ICT fixtures and test programming.

8) Functional Fixture

We are also capable of making functional fixture according to customer's specification and requirement.

9) Finished ICT and Functional Jig Checker

The following are samples of finished products.

ICT fixture with double sided construction for CDRW products.









Function fixture for Mini Disc Player.